Lip Enhancement

Pucker Up!

What are lip enhancements? 

The process of having natural colored pigments inserted into the first layer of skin to produce the appearance of lipstick.

Our permanent lip service allows you to leave the house without applying lipstick. Amy Jacobs Permanent Cosmetics is dedicated to getting you the desired results for a natural look! 


• Defined lip line 

• Bring back natural lip color to your lips

• Lip color that compliments your skin/hair tone

• Saves time on applying lipstick

Full Lip Color


During the full lips color session, we will insert tiny drops of pigment into your lips with your desired color. Lip color will begin to fade in about 3 weeks which is when you will begin to see your desired color. 

Aquarelle Lips


Permanent lip color that heals like water color or lip stain! This technique involves a soft outline of the lips and then blended and shaded with pigment. 

Touch Up Session


Allow for atleast 8 weeks before considering a Touch Up session. If you are ready to get a touch up color to your lips, please give us a call!