Would you like to wake up with perfectly shape,
full eyebrows every morning?

Microblading is one of the top beauty trends of today! It is a form of cosmetic tattoo artistry performed specifically on the eyebrows; where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. Each hair-like stroke is created with the tool to mimic natural, real eyebrow hairs. Even though it’s not as deep as the regular tattoo, it’s still a tattoo because pigment is implanted under the skin. It is considered one of the most natural, realistic eyebrow techniques in permanent cosmetics. The brow shape, thickness, and color are customized for each client. Microblading is the perfect solution to restore and correct sparse, over tweezed, over waxed, thinning, and naturally light eyebrows.


• Enhances/restores your eyebrows

• Natural looking

• Reduces the amount of time necessary to get ready in the morning

• Does not smudge or smear off

• Safe

• Minimal downtime after treatment

• Minimal discomfort

What Can I Expect After a Microblading 

The healing process after a microblading procedure varies from client to client based on many factors.

This could include, but is not limited to: how someone’s body and skin reacts to the procedure, if the client takes certain medications, whether or not shading was done. Some of the most common things clients can expect after a microblading procedure are: 

• Tenderness in the area 

• Pink or redness around the affected area

• Swelling 

• Thickening and darkening of the area

• Moderate to thick scabbing 3-4 days after the procedure

• Scabs will begin to flake off anytime between days 5 – 10

• After scabs flake off, pigment color and strokes will look light, grey, and blurry 

• After area is fully healed (8 weeks after procedure) the pigment will return to full color



Every brow color is custom blended and carefully created with hair stroke like detail to bring forth the most natural looking results!

8 Week Touch Up Session 


Powder Fill


Powder Fill is ideal for all skin types especially oily skin or for someone who still has a fair amount of eyebrow hair. This brow technique is achieved with a machine. A soft, powdery color that matches your natural brow hair color is used to fill in the eyebrow area. More pigment is deposited into the skin vs. the hairstroke technique. Therefore, it could last longer. The healed results are soft and solid much like traditional makeup.

8 Week Touch Up Session 




(Microblading + Powder Fill) The combination of microblading and powder fill methods give the brow a smooth look. This method blends hair strokes and tiny dots together to give the brow a  natural shape. 

8 Week Touch Up Session 


Magic Shading


Magic Shading creates fuller brows with a soft texture. Using a Nano needle (very small needle), the eyebrow is shaded in with pigment for a softer gradient effect.

8 Week Touch Up Session 


Corrective Procedure Starts At $450

6-18 Month Annual Color Refresher  $225

Brow Tinting $15

Brow Wax $15